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Personal Training Hampstead & Hampstead Garden Suburb
Personal Training Client Testimonial Emma H
The CARLOS Method - Intense, Effective & Worth It.

The CARLOS Method fuses bodyweight movements with core conditioning, weights and jumping exercises to give you an effective and high-intensity workout within a 30-minute time frame.  You work hard for 2-5 minute periods and take breaks only long enough to gulp some air and get right back to work.  The aim of The CARLOS Method is to keep your body working at, or near its maximum capacity throughout your entire workout.

By training regularly with us and being consistent within your training, we will keep pushing your own limits, forcing your body to adapt, respond and change for the better.

Personal Trainer Finchley

Why choose The CARLOS Method?

We are unique in the way we operate.  The CARLOS Method brand places a strong emphasis on strengthening your body, as well as your mind.  Our hand-picked trainers are friendly and personable, delivering the toughest and best sessions in the area.

If you want more energy, a good night’s sleep, better concentration and a strengthened immune system then you should come and visit us in Finchley.

Training at The CARLOS Method with our innovative and fun personal training sessions will give you what you need to get through a tough week.  We’ve got the answers for your problems…

  • More energy – Our intense and focused 30 minute sessions give your muscles increased strength and endurance to perform everyday tasks, such as chasing your kids around or running up the stairs to work.
  • Good night’s sleep – Regular exercise both inside and outside the studio can really help you to fall asleep faster and improve your sleep quality. After a 30-minute session with us, it will be Goodnight Vienna for you!
  • Better concentration – It’s been proven in the research. Regular exercise improves mental focus, alertness and clarity of thought.
  • Improved immunity – The CARLOS Method will get your body resilient and robust. But it’s our nutrient dense food strategies that will really improve your immune system.

Train with us at The CARLOS Method personal training studio in Finchley and you will feel better, look better and be better.

How far away are we from Hampstead Garden Suburb? 

We are less than a 10 minute drive from Hampstead Garden Suburb and there is free parking available at the studio.  Clients are always welcome to come 5 minutes early to warm up on the cardio equipment before their session starts so that they are ready to go straight into their session with their trainer.  We like to make use of every minute, so that your training is efficient and effective.

The CARLOS Method will get you fit and strong

Why should you visit us from Hampstead & Hampstead Garden Suburb?

We really care about the clients that we work with here and take the time to listen to their needs and what they want to achieve from their training.  Ultimately, we strongly believe in in treating clients as individuals and not as a number.  Your experience at The CARLOS Method studio is guaranteed to be fun, challenging and results driven.  The service you will receive from Carlos and his team will be tailored to your personal fitness ability and goals. We are a very knowledgeable, experienced and friendly team.  You are very welcome to try a free 30 minute session with us, with no obligation at all.

Client Testimonials
Russell Levene

“Carlos and I have worked together to strengthen my back and core muscles after he came on a strong personal recommendation from a very good friend of mine.  He really knows his stuff and was happy to liaise and work with my Physiotherapist and Osteopath. As a result, I am fitter, stronger and enjoying my training again.”

Russell Levene

“This guy is a fantastic trainer.  Carlos is very focused on me and my technique in our sessions together and he always pushes me to my limit.  What he has created with The CARLOS Method is unique – from the design of his studio, to the style of his workouts and his personality and charisma also keep me entertained!”

Alexis Attelsis
Boot camp fitness Finchley North London

“When I first started training with Carlos 5 years ago, I had been inactive for many years. Carlos gradually worked with me to improve my aerobic fitness, flexibility and strength.  5 years on, my blood pressure has gradually dropped and I have lost 11kg in weight – my body fat dropping by 8%!”

Trevor Griffiths

“Carlos has been a very encouraging, motivating and inspiring Personal Trainer to work with.  He has got me into very good shape, making some real changes to my nutrition and lifestyle.  He has strengthened my arms and core muscles and reduced the pain I was suffering from in my neck and shoulders.”

Marilla Elliot-Morris
Emma Testimonial PIcture

“I have trained with Carlos on and off over a period of 5 years.  I have had many personal trainers in the past, but Carlos is the person I always come back to after a layoff from my training. His enthusiasm, motivation and energy is infectious and it has helped me to stick with my training both inside and outside of the studio.”

Emma Jones