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28 DAY’S LATER…From The Walking Dead to the Alive and Kicking

WARNING: 28 day outbreak of fitness – you will be held in quarantine by our enthusiastic and motivating personal trainers at The CARLOS Method studio. Here you will be infected by the fitness bug and your body will be attacked by weights, treadmills and stability balls.

We guarantee you will emerge 28 days later – noticeably stronger, leaner and fitter. This is our promise to you.

With The CARLOS 28 Day Body Blitz, you will achieve the following:

  • Feel stronger, calmer and more energised
  • Achieve visible fat loss in time for an important upcoming event
  • Fire up your metabolism to keep burning fat 24/7
  • Lower your stress levels
  • Improve your sleeping patterns

This is a powerful and effective training program but you need to be up to speed on our training methods and techniques before purchasing this package.  We recommend a few standard personal training sessions to align yourself with the training intensity, pace and flow of the sessions.  This is for people with a reasonable level of baseline fitness, as there is no time for easy workouts.

You also need to be in the right mind-set to complete our 28 Day Body Blitz – it requires you to train 5 days a week with us (each session will be 30 minutes) and we will push you very hard in each and every session.  We need you to be able to hit the ground running.  On top of this, you will be set extra cardio sessions to complete in your own time and throughout the month.

This program requires you to completely give up processed foods, wheat, sugar and alcohol.  Your body needs to be detoxified.  You are guaranteed results, so long as you are able to do everything we ask of you.


Carlos D’Souza BSc, NASM-CPT – Personal Training North London
Creative Director of The CARLOS Method