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Assisted Stretching Sessions

Are you looking for assisted full body stretching in Finchley? From flexibility to injury prevention recovery and technique, come and try a full body stretching session at The Carlos Method.

Benefits of assisted stretching

  • Improve your performance in physical activities
  • Decrease your risk of injuries
  • Help your joints move through their full range of motion
  • Increase muscle blood flow
  • Enable your muscles to work most effectively
  • Improve your ability to do daily activities

Our one-to-one assisted stretching sessions are great for those looking to improve their flexibility, balance and range of motion and will leave you feeling refreshed and restored.

Whether you need assisted stretching sessions to relieve back pain, reduce the risk of injury or just to help you move more efficiently in the gym or your day to day activities, we can help.

If you are interested in booking an assisted stretching session with us, drop us an email at and say goodbye to muscle pain, tension and fatigue.