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Personal Trainers In North London To Help You Get Lean, Fit & Strong At The Carlos Method

Do you struggle to fit exercise into your busy week?

Not getting value out of your gym membership?

Do you find the idea of working out on your own boring?

Does exercise intimidate you?

Let us help you!

If you are looking for a Personal Trainer in North London, then you have come to the right place.

Benefits of one-to-one personal training at The CARLOS Method:

  • Your personal training sessions will only be 30 minutes– that’s just 2% of your day
  • No joining fees. No contracts. Buy your sessions in blocks but use them when you want to
  • Your whole body will get worked, enabling you to burn maximum calories in minimum time
  • Train early in the morning, in your lunch-break or late at night – we are flexible to fit around you
  • Your training at the studio will be funvaried and take place in a private setting

Invest in your health and well-being by trying a free session with us.

Our one-to-one, 30 minute personal training sessions, ensure that you get full focus and attention each and every time you train.  Our sessions are directly tailored to your body and your goals.  You cannot beat the undivided attention of our knowledgeable Personal Trainers in North London watching over you, pushing you through every rep, every set and every exercise.

Training one-to-one, ensures you can learn more about how your body functions and works.  You can learn so much from personal training – new exercises and fitness routines, lifestyle tips and nutritional strategies and you get the motivation, support and guidance of a fitness expert.  Our North London personal trainers will get you lean, fit and strong in the time it takes to watch the ITV news!

Come and try us out if you want to:

  • Do something that really challenges your body and gets results
  • Strengthen your mind-set and make positive lifestyle changes
  • Focus on your nutrition and see visible changes in your appearance
  • Lose body fat, get stronger and leaner
  • Decrease your risk of osteoporosis, through safe weight training
  • Improve your posture and eliminate any pain
  • Improve your sport performance and reduce your risk of injury
  • Reduce your incidence of low back pain
  • Reduce any symptoms of mild depression, stress, or anxiety
  • Be able to play with your kids in the park 

Personal training is highly effective and specialised and as you can see the benefits are myriad.  You get constant tips and advice from us on how to maximise your training and nutrition for accelerated gains in your fitness.

Our personal training studio in North London is within easy reach of the following areas: Muswell Hill (N10), Whetstone (N20), Temple Fortune and Hampstead Garden Suburb (NW11), Highgate (N6), Mill Hill East (NW7).