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Friends that train together, stay together!

Some of our clients opt for this service, as personal training with your partner or friend can be motivating and fun.  This format works well if you are both of a similar fitness ability and already have some previous experience of personal training.  This enables us to keep the pace and intensity constant and steady throughout your session, allowing you both to get the best from your session.

Benefits of Partner Training

  • Reduce the cost
  • Friendly competition to spur you on
  • Increased motivation to work harder
  • Workouts can be fun

Training with a friend provides instant accountability, making it much harder to cancel your workout.  Some people may find that their training partner excels in certain areas of their fitness training but are weaker in other elements.  This is the great beauty of exploring your strengths and weaknesses together and supporting each other throughout your regime.

One of the great things about partner training is sharing each other’s successes together, in a very friendly and encouraging environment.

The key to getting noticeable results is to train consistently and work to the best of your ability in every session.  With the help of your personal trainer and of your friend for added support, this is going to be achievable.