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The CARLOS Method: What Makes Us Unique?

Strength workouts build a little muscle, helping you to rev your metabolism, whilst cardio is a known calorie crusher.  But you don’t have to choose sides because The CARLOS Method offers you the best of both worlds.  By combining short, high-intensity work periods, with little to no rest between exercises, using big-body movements, The CARLOS Method challenges your strength, power, and cardiovascular endurance in one workout—maximizing calorie burn during and after a 30 minute sweat session.

Here are 3 Unique Points about The CARLOS Method:

Unique Point #1 – Empathy, Kindness, Sincerity – and a good sense of Humour.

These are personal qualities that make up our CARLOS Method Personal Fitness Trainers and so the collective personality of our team is certainly one thing that makes us different.  We genuinely take the time to listen to you and understand you as a person, we are polite and respectful – and we absolutely love getting our clients fit.

Unique Point #2 – The CARLOS 30 Minutes

We have an intelligent and versatile fitness program that maximizes your work capacity, on that particular day – it is a new, innovative way to train – the aim of our Method is to perform the best you can on that day, within a 30 minute time frame, focusing on movements and routines that provide the biggest return on time investment.

Unique Point #3 – The CARLOS Methodology – Mind-set, Nutrition and Exercise

Our ongoing nutritional support ensures that you are not missing this vital element from the equation.  You are encouraged to eat food that is very high in nutrients and naturally low in calories.  Check out the book “Eat to Live” for some great ideas and concepts, by Dr Joel Fuhrmann.  We encourage you to eat foods like berries, nuts and seeds for breakfast, whilst delicious stir fry recipes can be cooked for the evening.

We get you focused, determined and really into your training with us.  Mind-set is crucial to getting excellent gains.  Through a strong resolve, you will build a strong and conditioned body.  Mind-set is everything.

Carlos D’Souza BSc, NASM-CPT – “The 30 Minute Fitness Trainer

Creative Director of The CARLOS Method Ltd

Personal Training North London