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“Carlos and I have worked together to strengthen my back and core muscles after he came on a strong personal recommendation from a very good friend of mine.  He really knows his stuff and was happy to liaise and work with my Physiotherapist and Osteopath. As a result, I am fitter, stronger and enjoying my training again.”

Russell Levene

“This guy is a fantastic trainer.  Carlos is very focused on me and my technique in our sessions together and he always pushes me to my limit.  What he has created with The CARLOS Method is unique – from the design of his studio, to the style of his workouts and his personality and charisma also keep me entertained!”

“When I first started training with Carlos 5 years ago, I had been inactive for many years. Carlos gradually worked with me to improve my aerobic fitness, flexibility and strength.  5 years on, my blood pressure has gradually dropped and I have lost 11kg in weight – my body fat dropping by 8%!”

Boot Camp Fitness Finchley North London

“Carlos has been a very encouraging, motivating and inspiring Personal Trainer to work with.  He has got me into very good shape, making some real changes to my nutrition and lifestyle.  He has strengthened my arms and core muscles and reduced the pain I was suffering from in my neck and shoulders.”

“I have trained with Carlos on and off over a period of 5 years.  I have had many personal trainers in the past, but Carlos is the person I always come back to after a layoff from my training. His enthusiasm, motivation and energy is infectious and it has helped me to stick with my training both inside and outside of the studio.”

Emma Testimonial PIcture