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The CARLOS Method was formulated to provide a fitness solution for those who want to get fitter, improve their health and well-being – and get results.  We tailor each workout to match your fitness level and ability.  Most people will be able to complete a 30 minute session of exercise, it just depends upon your current state of health and fitness.

We are suitable for:

  • Those wanting to lose weight and tone up
  • Those wanting to reduce their levels of stress and get a good night’s sleep
  • People of all ages (18-65+ years) that are not suffering from any serious injury, or serious medical condition/ illness
  • Pre, ante and post-natal female clients
  • Those seeking late-stage injury rehabilitation, as well as fitness training

We are not suitable for:

  • Those with excessively high blood pressure (180/100 mm Hg)
  • Those with a history of serious heart problems
  • Bodybuilders, or those wanting to gain large amounts of muscle mass

Our exercise sessions are adjusted in their intensity to suit that particular client.  The CARLOS Method is a highly adaptable fitness system and exercises and movements can quickly be regressed or progressed to suit the client.  Starting at your base-line level of fitness, we work closely with you to gradually increase your exercise tolerance and work capacity.

Clients that train here regularly, report back saying that they are: sleeping much better, making healthier food choices, feeling more energised, choosing to exercise on their days off and generally feel great.  Through training with The CARLOS Method you will see and feel the difference that we can make to your mind and your body.

We have helped many clients make physical activity and exercise a part of their lifestyle and encouraged them to adopt much healthier eating patterns.  We work on developing a stronger mind set, as well as a fitter body.  It is important that we set goals to keep you on track each week and month, to give your training focus, purpose and direction. We can then work with you on a weekly basis to ensure you get results.  You will find us all easily approachable, very friendly and down to earth.