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30 Minutes is Just 2% of Your Day!

The CARLOS Method uses high-intensity training techniques to ensure that you are in and out within half an hour.  Intensity is crucial for getting excellent gains from your exercise program.  We start you at your own baseline level of fitness and we gradually build your endurance and strength each week.  As your body becomes accustomed to this style of training, we will continue to shock it for further improvements.

We have found The CARLOS Method 30 minute workout to be just the right stimulus to keep clients consistent and achieving success in their training, both physically and mentally.  After a 30 minute workout with us, your body will repair, recharge and bounce back – making your body stronger and more conditioned.

Benefits of 30 Minute Training at The CARLOS Method:

  • Price, convenience and variety in your training
  • Get in, get a great work-out and get back on with your day
  • Psychologically, 30 minutes is a small amount of time to commit to
  • Physically, your body will prefer a shorter and more intense session
  • Results are clear in the changes that you see and feel
  • Great for those with busy lifestyles, who are short on time
  • Bespoke and tailored sessions, geared towards your fitness goals